St. Leo’s Recital Will Be Sunday

St. Leo’s Recital Will Be Sunday

recital.jpgSister M. Anneta, supervisor of music at St. Leo Music School, announces a recital, “Music in May,” will be presented by the students on Sunday afternoon at 2:30.

Taking part in the program;

Sharon Lee and Beth Ann Hudock, duet “Monkey and the Bear”:

Paula Tomczak, “Black-eyed Susan”:

David Biernacki, “Swinging Along”

Robin Mikita, “Aura Lee”

Jacqueline Milliski,”My Wooden Shoes”:

Duet by Ellen Jane Daney and Rosann Vrobel, “Climbing”

John Rozycki, “Marching Marines”:

Robert Niemiec,”Indian Summer”

Kathleen McKernan,”Strolling Along”

Ann Jefferson, “Sunset”

Duet by James Cooney and Michael Corrigan, “The Lonesome Indian”.

Beverly Allan, “Toy Boat”

Joan Carey, “The Magic Spell”:

Ellen Carey, “The Dancer”

Duet by Grace and John Rozycki, “The Little May Queen”:

Nancy Gildea, “The Winding Road”:

Rosanne Vrobel, “The Frog”

Diane Hughes, “Music Box”

Duet, Ellen and Joan Carey, “March of the Majorettes”

Ellen Jane Daney, “Zapateado”

James Cooney,”Bagatelle”,

Mary Beth Searfoss, “Southern Roses”

Duet by Margaret Mihalcik and Margart Moore, “Sur la Glace a Sweet Briar”

JoAnne Gaughan, “La Golondrina”

Duet by Anne Marie Chopack and Bonnie Lee Koneski, “The Jolly Boy Scouts”

Grace Rozycki, “Musetta’s Waltz”

Albert Bond, “Autumn Leaves”

Ann Marie Chopak “Mexican Carnival”

Duet by JoAnn Gaughan and Judith Kovalcik , “Marching Men”

Beth Ann Hudock, “On Your Toes”

Bonnie Lee Koneski, “Viennese Waltzes”

JoAnn Stemrich “longo”

Duet by Albert Bond and Mary Helen Stemrich, “Dancing The Minuet”

Beverly Shamun, “Serenade”

Sharon Lee Gildea, “Guaymas”

Mary Helen Stemrich “Arioso”

Duet by Jean Marie Chopack and Mary  Eileen Walsh, “Minuet in E. Flat”

Margaret Moore, The Water Sprites”

Mary Eileen Walsh, “Flower Song”

Margaret Mihalcik, “Rustic Dance”

Duet by Jane Ann Biernacki and Judith Kovalcik, “Valse Des Roses”

Jean Marie Chapasko, “Humoresque”

Judith Kovalcik;” Gypsy Fantasy”

Jane Ann Biernacki, “Waltz of the Flowers”


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