St. Leo’s HS News: Scholasitic Aptitude Test

St. Leo’s HS News: Scholasitic Aptitude Test

by Mary Kay Pettinger


Scholastic Aptitude Test
Holiday Decorations
Forensic Club

Because college plays an important part in many students’ plans for the future, the following took the scholastic aptitude test: Norman Austin, Maureen Clinton, Louis Comitz, Barry Gildea, Arline Koneski, Sheila McCormick, Margie Mihalcik, Mary Misewich, Margaret Moore. Marsha  Niemiec, Tommy O’Boyle, Bobby OStrowski, Shirly Shamun and John Williams.

Norman Austion, Louis Comitz, Barry Gildea, Tommy O’Boyle have recieved notification of their acceptance at King’s College.

Congratulations are also extended to Judy Kovalcik and Arline Koneski. Judy has been accepted at Geisinger Medical Center and Arline at Hartford Airline Personnel School.

If Maureen Clinton, Margaret Moore, and Marsha Niemiec look happier these days it’s because they have been accepted at College Misericordia.

Now as we are in the midst of the holy season of Advent, many more have joined the Mission Club. The group under the direction of Sister M. Gregoria, offers a few minutes of prayer each afternoon in the church. Besides praying for the success of mission laborers, the group remembers the intentions of those who are fighting in Vietnam.

The red and green of Christmas are the two predominant colors in the holiday decorations. Classrooms which dispary artwork ranging from Nativity scenes to Santa Claus posters were decorated by Mark Albosta, Ellen Jane Daney, Steve Geiser, Sharon Gildea, Barbara Gush, Sharon Gush, Bonnie Koneski, Bonnie Marconi, Margie Mihalcik, Charlie White, and Pat Yenchak.

Last weekend was a busy one for members of the Speech and Debate Club. In speech, St. Leo’s was represented in the three catergories  at Dunmore Central Catholic, while Margaret Moore and Louise Comitz t ook part in the debate tournament at King’s.

Seniors of the week: Louis Comitz and Alberta Bond

Likable, fun-loving Louis has participated in the activities of the Forensic Club, served as its treasurer during his sophmore and junior years and is now its vice president. He has taken part in numerous debate tournaments and represented St. Leo’s in the Whitman History Contest last year. Being sports minded, he has been an active member of the school baseball team. Louis, whose favorite subjects are economics and math is employed at the Spa Restaurant but plans to further his education at King’s.

Sometimes quiet, sometimes like an erupting volcano, but always just nice, is a fitting description of Alberta Bond. “Ralph,” as she is otherwise known, is a delightfully pleasant and popular member of the class. Her main outside interests are dancing and music, while her favorite subject is typing. Although her skill at perfecting coiffeurs would insure her a successful career as a beautician, she plans to become a secretary. After business college she will face the future with the same sweet smile that has won the hearts of her classmates.


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